Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life is crazy as usual

  1. Well I noticed that I hadn't written anything since June, and quite honestly I am not surprised.  I am incredibly busy with work, family, and service.   I guess I should start this post all the way back in May, when we moved to Texas.   Our move was one of the biggest struggles of my and Eve's lives.   We had applied for the job in San Antonio, and then never heard back for quite a while.   I had given up on the job, when I got a call from my boss warning me that they were going to offer me the job.  We decided that we weren't going to take the job, but then the spirit acted upon us and we agreed.  We had almost no time to prepare to uproot our family.   I ended up driving a semi for 6 days the last week I was working in Salt Lake even.  I did what I could before I headed to San Antonio, but Eve really had to do most of it while I was setting up the warehouse, and looking for a home for us.   I won't go into all of the problems we faced, but it felt like we weren't going to ever make this move work.  Big stuff like having the engine on my truck go out 150 miles outside of San Antonio and not being able to find a home until 2 days before I was headed back to Utah to move my family.  Well once we were here, I started work the day after we arrived so I didn't have any time to unpack.  I worked almost 80 hours this first week.  It took me just over a month to get my hours under 60 hours a week.  My family quickly started to get settled.   We have a great ward out here, and they really welcomed us.   We would have never made it without them, or the help of my father and Benjamin who flew out to help us move and unpack.  It was such a wonderful blessing having their help and love.  I can't say enough what it meant to me.   A couple of highlights from the first month we were here.  Courtney discovered how fire ants feel when they bite.  She considers herself lucky for being the first one to experience them.   Daniel was very interested to see that people have chocolate skin.  I think he still thinks that this comes from eating too much chocolate, even though we have explained many times that some people have different colors of skin, but they are just like you and me on the inside.   Courtney also saw her first person covered with piercing, she was so concerned that they were sick and needed our help.   Hannah has started to crawl at 6 months.   I also got Hannah's first words. "I love you."   
  2. Well after surviving the first month things have started to get into a routine.   I still work a crazy amount of hours, but my depot here is leading the nation in a lot of categories and I have been recognized for my efforts.  I am currently being mentored to take a lot higher position in the company.   I am involved in several national projects, and I have started traveling around the area to help the other depots fix inventory issues and run more smoothly.   I was in New Orleans a week ago, and I am in Houston right now.   I will actually be running Houston and San Antonio together for the next foreseeable future.  So my time is getting busier, but I am seeing results from my labors.   The girls start school next week, and they are really excited about it.   I have to admit I have wonderful kids.    I love them so much.   My wife has been incredible through this move too.   I can hardly imagine the things she has shouldered and pushed through, while my focus has been on work and surviving.     We are happy, and we are where The Lord wants us.  What more can we ask for in life.     I get to have dinner with Rob and his family while I am In Houston tomorrow.  It is nice having some family around.   
  3. I know this blog post isn't as fun as most of mine.   I just don't have time for humor right now, but I wanted everyone to know we are alive and doing well.   I love you all.
I forgot to mention one important thing.  I was able to go to the Alamo and help clean and move a gun display there.  I was actually able to hold one of Santa Ana's own pistols while standing in the Alamo.   It was an incredible experience.


  1. This is a wonderful post and even though you think it is serious, it still made me laugh. :) What a great way to start my day!!

  2. Hmmm! I just realized this is coming from David & Brenda instead of Brenda M. I kind of like that! It is your mother who made that last comment although it could have been your father as well. Although I doubt that he laughs quite as hard as I do...