Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life is crazy as usual

  1. Well I noticed that I hadn't written anything since June, and quite honestly I am not surprised.  I am incredibly busy with work, family, and service.   I guess I should start this post all the way back in May, when we moved to Texas.   Our move was one of the biggest struggles of my and Eve's lives.   We had applied for the job in San Antonio, and then never heard back for quite a while.   I had given up on the job, when I got a call from my boss warning me that they were going to offer me the job.  We decided that we weren't going to take the job, but then the spirit acted upon us and we agreed.  We had almost no time to prepare to uproot our family.   I ended up driving a semi for 6 days the last week I was working in Salt Lake even.  I did what I could before I headed to San Antonio, but Eve really had to do most of it while I was setting up the warehouse, and looking for a home for us.   I won't go into all of the problems we faced, but it felt like we weren't going to ever make this move work.  Big stuff like having the engine on my truck go out 150 miles outside of San Antonio and not being able to find a home until 2 days before I was headed back to Utah to move my family.  Well once we were here, I started work the day after we arrived so I didn't have any time to unpack.  I worked almost 80 hours this first week.  It took me just over a month to get my hours under 60 hours a week.  My family quickly started to get settled.   We have a great ward out here, and they really welcomed us.   We would have never made it without them, or the help of my father and Benjamin who flew out to help us move and unpack.  It was such a wonderful blessing having their help and love.  I can't say enough what it meant to me.   A couple of highlights from the first month we were here.  Courtney discovered how fire ants feel when they bite.  She considers herself lucky for being the first one to experience them.   Daniel was very interested to see that people have chocolate skin.  I think he still thinks that this comes from eating too much chocolate, even though we have explained many times that some people have different colors of skin, but they are just like you and me on the inside.   Courtney also saw her first person covered with piercing, she was so concerned that they were sick and needed our help.   Hannah has started to crawl at 6 months.   I also got Hannah's first words. "I love you."   
  2. Well after surviving the first month things have started to get into a routine.   I still work a crazy amount of hours, but my depot here is leading the nation in a lot of categories and I have been recognized for my efforts.  I am currently being mentored to take a lot higher position in the company.   I am involved in several national projects, and I have started traveling around the area to help the other depots fix inventory issues and run more smoothly.   I was in New Orleans a week ago, and I am in Houston right now.   I will actually be running Houston and San Antonio together for the next foreseeable future.  So my time is getting busier, but I am seeing results from my labors.   The girls start school next week, and they are really excited about it.   I have to admit I have wonderful kids.    I love them so much.   My wife has been incredible through this move too.   I can hardly imagine the things she has shouldered and pushed through, while my focus has been on work and surviving.     We are happy, and we are where The Lord wants us.  What more can we ask for in life.     I get to have dinner with Rob and his family while I am In Houston tomorrow.  It is nice having some family around.   
  3. I know this blog post isn't as fun as most of mine.   I just don't have time for humor right now, but I wanted everyone to know we are alive and doing well.   I love you all.
I forgot to mention one important thing.  I was able to go to the Alamo and help clean and move a gun display there.  I was actually able to hold one of Santa Ana's own pistols while standing in the Alamo.   It was an incredible experience.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Good Bye Mom and Dad

I know it has been a while since my last post.  Our lives have changed drastically since my last post, and we are now in San Antonio Texas.  I will need to find time to post a blog about our move and experiences so far, but I honestly don't have any time at all right now.   I am forcing the time to make this post as a tribute to my parents, and to take a little but of time to mourn the distance between our lives.   One last chance to offer my love and strength to them before they leave to serve the Lord.

I am sure most of you know, but my father is my best friend and one of my life long heroes.   When I was growing up I always valued the time that I had with my father.  I have so many pleasant memories of spending time in the garage learning from you.   I think I learned to enjoy this time in part because of my father's experiences growing up, I love the stories he tells of spending time with his father and grandfather working together.  Now that I am grown I love the time that I have working on projects with my father even more.  I am very capable myself when it comes to working on projects, so now when my father and I spend time together I love being able to plan and plot projects together.  Each of us bringing our own styles and experiences into projects that bless our lives.   I will always value the time we have spent together working on things.  I am the handyman I am today, because I learned it from my father.

When it comes to my mother, what can I say.  I don't know another person as infuriatingly passionate or caring about her children.   You can always tell how important something is to my mother, by the number of times and different ways she finds to tell you about it.  This trait has always proven to me how much she loves me.  My mother has always been my source of consistentency and my filter to see things clearly, when my emotions get in the way of making good choices.  Somehow whenever I talk to her, I can see the gospel more clearly and she has taught me to evaluate my life through the teaching of the Savior.

I am taking this time to reflect, for 2 reasons.  First I now live far enough away that I won't get to see them anywhere near as much as I am used to, and that was still much less than I would have liked to see them.  Secondly because next week they leave on their mission, and the
1500 miles between us, will become an ocean.  This move has brought me much closer to understand the plan of salvation, and I feel that the veil is much thinner to me now than it has been in the past.  As I mourn not being able to have time with my parents (I don't have much in my garage that doesn't remind of my father.) I have come to realize that this mission that keeps us apart as we both serve where we are needed, is not that different than serving where we needed through death.  Just as we can talk on the phone now and help each other grow, the loved ones who have passed on can share in our lives when we need it most.  To me death is not is end or even a pause in the plan of salvation, it is simply a continuation of us serving the Lord where we are needed most.  I have no doubt that my parents are going where they are needed (perhaps with a little more choice than death.)   I am so honored to have you as my parents.  The blessings that I was able to give you, have let me see into your hearts and I know the greatness you carry there.   You have always said that you knew that your children were some of the choice souls of the Lord.  While I tell you that you are the choice ones, the ones given responsibility to lead a rebellious and slightly crazy (<--April, Trina and Benjamin) souls of God back to him.  I am so grateful for your guidance and wisdom in my life.  My return to the church is a result of your prayers and actions.   My return is no less miraculous than that of Alma the Younger, your prayers and the anvil of trials have brought me back.   I am so grateful that you never let me push you away from me.  You are my dearest friends.

As I think about where you are going I keep thinking about history.   I am not quite sure why, but I have been thinking about the Christians that died in the Roman gladiator rings.  They were torn from their families because of their beliefs and their open faith in Christ.  They were true martyrs.  As you embark into the arena of Hong Kong I salute you as the crowds saluted the martyrs.  You are giving your lives to Christ by choice, and as a result you can see the fruits of your work.  It is an honor knowing and witnessing the strength you both have.  I love you as parents, friends, and eternal children of God.  

"To those about the serve, I salute you"

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stress, stress, stress, blessing, stress

I haven't written anything in a while, because I tend to only write when I am in a happy place and life has had me down lately.   I have great sympathy for people that were pressed in colonial days.   That is how I feel, but the rocks on my chest are just stresses that take my breathe away.   I imagine myself under the planks trying to push them up against the weight, and every time that I develop the strength to deal with a new situation the Lord lets another boulder fall in my way.   I am grateful for the story of Job in the Bible, because I can look at his story and say at least I still have my family, at least I still have my health (if the stress doesn't give me a heart attack,) at least I am surrounded by people who love me and support me   This post isn't about complaining about my problems, but it is an expression of my mental state as I face a major life decision, and also reflect on the past month and the blessings and trials there.  

As you can tell by my introduction we have had a lot trials recently.  We have faced a very significant financial blow, found out how crappy Obamacare is with our new insurance and higher costs (unbelievable that it is "everyone" now has insurance, but I can't afford to treat my asthma anymore because of the changes.  Go Democrats!!! $&*$*$&$ <-- = mormon swearing not the real thing), dealt with 2 dishonest doctors, dealt with a fraudulent attorney attacking me, dealt with an immediate coworker realizing that I am a direct threat to his position and this lead to him trying to undercut me, dealt with the fact that my company isn't giving me a raise this year, had unexpected car repairs and house repairs, and on top of all that I had to see April this month too!!

Ok, Ok just because it is her BIRTHDAY today (and maybe because I will see her again today and I am scared of her) I will count April's visit as a blessing.  All joking aside we have been really blessed lately too.  We have incredibly supportive parents who are always there to listen to my gripes and offer counsel.  I have been blessed with children that continually remind me how loved I am, and I have an angel for a wife who deals with my sour moods with grace and tenderness.  To me there is no great blessing than Family Love, and I have that in abundance.  It was so wonderful setting everything aside and seeing everyone when we blessed Hannah.  Of course Hannah had to add to my stress, by rolling over during the blessing and scaring me to death that I was going to drop her (then we would have seen if Eve really is patient with me or if she just pretends to put up with me.)  I know she is giving me a dirty look right now as she reads this, so go ahead imagine her look!!  

Well now that I have my life in focus (for myself) I can deal with what lead to me writing this post.  Yesterday my boss called me, to let me know I am going to be offered a promotion in our company.  I applied for it a few weeks ago, but I haven't been interviewed or contacted about it.  So this was a big shock.  Made the stress really go up.   I am being asked to manage a brand new warehouse and a brand new location for our company in San Antonio Texas.  It is only a measly 1330 miles away from where we live right now.   I am worried about Courtney being successful if we move, I am worried about being so far from family, I am worried about having a new boss, I am worried about the mass of unknowns.   The Spirit has already started helping us find answers.   As I prayed about Courtney, I was given a very clear impression that the Lord will help her anywhere, and his love for her.   I have never met a more morally astute 8 years than my little Courtney.   I ask for your prayers as we make this decision.   We have a lot on our plate, and want to be where the Lord can use us.  

One last side note.  I was recently informed that I am the only man that they know that is writing a blog.   Wellllllllllll maybe this is Eve and she just chose to do it under my name.   To quote one of Joe's favorite philosophies "It is always Eve's fault, I just have to be creative enough to figure out how."   So I am blaming this blog on her!!!   After all if she was writing it, I wouldn't have to, umm I mean if "I" would write it under my own name "Eve" then Joe wouldn't be accused of being the only man writing a blog.  Sound convincing?  

Saturday, February 1, 2014


So last week I was out in my garage organizing and cleaning.   I have been organizing and cleaning the garage now for almost 2 months.   My kids all love being out there, and especially love undoing my work.  Cathryn was outside with me, and wanted me to do something else.  This is how the conservation went.  Cathryn- "Daddy, what are you doing now?).   Daddy-"I am going through this box to put it all away."   Cathryn- "Daddy!! You still have too many boxes, are you EVER going to be finished?")  Daddy- "Well I have a lot of tools and I want to be able to have my garage be a fun place to work in."   Cathryn- "DADDY!  YOU A PROBLEM!!!"   (I don't have a problem, except for snoopy kids!).   Well after that she promptly went into the house, to leave me alone to think about my so said "problem."    I decided to take the practical solution and compare my "problem" to addiction symptoms.   Symptom 1- Deny you have a problem.   I DON'T have a problem.  This is a stupid symptom, it sounds like something you would say to any one to manipulate them into looking at it your way.    Symptom 2- Can you resist a tool sale? (Is Eve or my Mom going to read this?)  I resist every tool sale and blindly drive past signs advertising tools......... Ummm sure.   Symptom 3 does your tool dealer know your name?   Yes, but that is because it is good customer service.  They send Christmas Cards to every one, don't they?   I mean I got one from the hotel I stay at (every week) in Boise too.    Symptom 3- Have you ever hid a tool purchase from your wife?    Ummm what was that last question?    Symptom 4- Do you ever have to justify your tool purchases?   No doesn't everyone know the need to have 150 screwdrivers?    After all I do get rid of tools, I got rid of a sander just the other day.  I gave it to my Dad.  Does it matter that I already had a new one and the one I gave my Dad was broken?  I don't think that matters at all.  I managed to get rid of a tool.

Well perhaps I have a slight tool addiction. :).  I got it from my Dad.  I have always loved watching my Father work with tools, and I feel a connection with him every time I use a tool that I learned to use from him.  I am so enjoying passing on this knowledge to my own children, along with another Macbeth tradition of accusing your children of taking your tools!!!  I swear I never ever took any of my dad's tools.  My dad's favorite screwdriver ended up in the dog kennel all by itself I didn't have anything to do with it!!  All though I learned that my Dad knew how to swear because of that screwdriver.   I know that it is a tradition, because my favorite story from Grandpa Macbeth is the story about him framing his favorite hammer in the wall of the bathroom he was remodeling.   He accused my Dad of taking it.  It wasn't until my Dad was an adult, that grandpa found the hammer in the wall, and apologized to my Dad.  Dad do you remember taking the screwdriver out to the kennel now?  You must have because I never played with your tools.  Maybe I will get an apology one of these days. -(:   They say imitation is the greatest flattery, well father I am very proud to follow in your footsteps as a handyman and tool connoisseur.  

Just as a side note if you want to know how much pizza is eaten during the Super Bowl.  My warehouse alone delivered just over 17,000 cases of pizza this week.  It means 272,000 pizza were sold in Utah and Southern Idaho, just of our brands.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The End of the World!!!

We'll if you needed one more sign that the end of the world is coming, here it is!!!   I actually created a blog and posted to it.  Everyone knows about the fatty singing, but the fat guy blogging is soo much more the bringer of doom.  

I actually decided to start this blog yesterday morning at about 3:00AM.   I have been struggling as I feel like the world is collapsing in on me.   I have been sleeping mostly thanks to the use of prayer and faith.   I woke up at 2:00AM and I couldn't get my mind to stop.   I finally got up and went upstairs to pray and look for peace.  What I found was what I truly needed.   I have an app on my iPad that let's me download the last Ensign pretty much the minute it is published.  Well when I got up I had a notice that the Feb Ensign was available.   I downloaded it, and started reading it.   I was so spiritually fed.   I read a bunch of articles and each one had something that I needed to hear and feel.    I read about communicating with your spouse (I thought a spouse was only a special person you plot against with the kids, also a great person to get your kids to compare you against so they always know who the cool daddy is.).  Well after reading the article I realized that I am supposed to actually talk to her.  Who knew!!   All joking aside it made me realize that I can do better communicating with Eve (Eve if you read this and comment, I will go back to plotting with the kids against you!  I am thinking flour and turning off the hot water while you are in the shower!). At the very end of the article ever was 1 small brief paragraph that talked about using these communication techniques in your prayers.  The last line was simply "if you pray superficially, Heavenly Father can only answer you distantly." (paraphrased).   I realized that I needed to change the way I pray.  I have always prayed asking and thanking for what is important in my life, but leaving out my feelings and concerns behind my request.  I did this because I know Heavenly Father can see my heart and know my sincerity.  I realized I should be sharing my feelings and concerns because it allows Heavenly Father to help me change my perceptions and adjust my feeling to fits his needs for me.    After I finished reading I knelt in prayer and applied my new knowledge.    I felt so refreshed and changed.   As I stood up from my prayer, I got the clear impression that my Ipad was given to me, so I could keep an active journal.   I immediately found a could journal app and wrote down my feelings.  I decided I would start a blog too (Even if it meant taking crap from April.) (April I am quite positive I can influence your kids to plot against you with me, so watch it!! You won't even see it coming!).   So here I am writing a blog.    I will fill everyone in on the 5 crazy people at our house in another post coming soon.